HashiDays Schedule

HashiDays Sydney a single main track event with a hallway track on the side. The main track is designed as a journey towards the future of multi-cloud.

The hallway track dives into the main track talks in greater detail, featuring deep-dive talks around specific use cases, product announcements and what’s new with HashiCorp products.

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  • 8:45 AM
    Roslyn Packer TheatreRegistration and Morning Tea

    Registration and morning tea (light pastries, tea, and coffee) will open at 8:45 am until the Opening Keynote begins at 9:30 am.

  • 9:30 AM
    Roslyn Packer TheatreOpening Keynote
    Mitchell Hashimoto (HashiCorp)|Armon Dadgar (HashiCorp)

    The Opening Keynote with HashiCorp Founders Mitchell Hashimoto and Armon Dadgar will begin at 9:30 am.

  • 10:30 AM
    Roslyn Packer TheatrePreview: HashiCorp Consul Service (HCS) on Azure

    Work is currently underway at HashiCorp to expand our managed service offerings beyond Terraform. The newest such offering, HCS on Azure, enables an organization to leverage a fully managed Consul service for secure connectivity and traffic routing across any AKS/Kubernetes, VM or on-premises environment. In this session, we will talk about how HCS works and demonstrate how you can use it to easily enable advanced service networking for your AKS workloads while offloading the operational burden to the SRE experts at HashiCorp. We will also discuss how you can get involved in the beta release.

    ConsulBeginnerOpen SourceEnterprise

  • 11:20 AM
    Roslyn Packer TheatreManaging Complex Infrastructure

    More information coming soon.


  • 11:55 AM
    Roslyn Packer TheatreWhat is New with Vault and Why

    Vault has continued to grow and mature since its 1.0 release. Let's discuss some of the recent bigger changes and the direction Vault is moving in, more generally.

    VaultBeginnerEnterpriseOpen Source

  • 12:30 PM
    Roslyn Packer TheatreLunch

    Lunch is included for all HashiDays attendees.

  • 1:20 PM
    Roslyn Packer Theatre0-Downtime Deployments

    More information coming soon.

    TerraformPackerIntermediateEnterpriseOpen Source

  • 1:55 PM
    Roslyn Packer TheatreModern Scheduling for Modern Applications

    More information coming soon.

    NomadBeginnerEnterpriseOpen Source

  • 2:45 PM
    Roslyn Packer TheatreNetwork Observability with Consul

    More information coming soon.

    ConsulIntermediateEnterpriseOpen Source

  • 3:20 PM
    Roslyn Packer TheatreSolving Application Security Problems with Threat Modeling and Vault

    As more organisations embrace the cloud operating model as part of their digital transformation initiatives, it is not long before they start running into security issues. Threat modeling is commonly used as a more risk-based approach to security, compared to legacy checkbox-driven security models. This presentation will apply modern threat modelling processes to common application security problems, and demonstrate how products like HashiCorp’s Vault can help address these risks.

    VaultIntermediateEnterpriseOpen Source

  • 4:05 PM
    Roslyn Packer TheatreVault and Kubernetes: Better Together

    Vault seamlessly augments native Kubernetes workflows by providing stronger baseline security and interoperability. In this talk, Jeff Malnick will present the newest features of vault-helm and vault-k8s to demonstrate best-in-class techniques for lifecycle management of Vault as well as dead simple integration of any application running on Kubernetes with Vault.

    VaultConsulTerraformIntermediateEnterpriseOpen Source

  • 4:40 PM
    Roslyn Packer TheatrePreview: New Capabilities with Policy as Code

    Sentinel is the Policy as Code framework that is embedded within multiple HashiCorp products, ensuring everyone in your team is adhering to best practice. In this session, we are going to look at the new features that are about to be released within Sentinel that make authoring and integrating policies easier than ever.


  • 5:25 PM
    Roslyn Packer TheatreClosing Keynote

    More information coming soon.

  • 6:00 PM
    Roslyn Packer TheatreClosing Reception

    Join us as we close our first ever HashiDays Sydney from 6:00 - 7:30 pm.